A Busy Start to the new year.

What a roller-coaster start to the new year, we are on enforced leave for the for the next few weeks as Jack our Guitarist has been having heart surgery, happily everything has gone OK and we hope to be back in rehearsals mid February, with our first gig at the Yew Tree Halifax.

We haven’t been chilling during that time Jon Berry has been been collaborating with a good friend of his John O’Brien on writing some songs with a distinctly off-the-wall flavour. Check them out https://thecut.fm/berry-obrien.

Our rhythm section has been moonlighting and have been in the studio  with Keira’s other band, Syteria recording their first EP with Jackie Chambers from Girlschool on guitar and Julia Calvo on vocals, Mike laying down the drum tracks.

Mike and Keira in studio

Check them out at http://www.syteria.co.uk/ or https://www.facebook.com/syteriagirls


Last but not least, we are all saddened by the loss of Lemmy and David Bowie earlier this month our thought are with their families they will be greatly missed.


Changes and other stuff

We haven’t updated for a while but there have been some changes over the past few weeks, we had a storming gig at the Leeds Custom and Classic Bike show.

Unfortunately Danny has left us due to personal commitments, and we wish him well for the future. We have decided to continue as a four piece with Jon picking up on guitar. We are locked in rehearsals and will be having our first outing as a four piece at the Marsh Blues Club Huddersfield in December.

Back from Hols

We came back from a break to do a quick gig at the Brooky, South Elmsall, the traffic on the A1M, and surrounding routes was awful so we were stuck in traffic for an nearly hour that meant we started 10 mins late. Sod’s law says if it can go wrong it will, hit by iPad and mixer wanting to upgrade before we could use it (Thanks Apple), disintegrating bass drum pedal and low flying cymbals lead to an interesting first set. However great audience who we thank for putting up with a few hitches. Second set was storming.

Time to write some more new numbers so off to rehearsals.

Live Video, New songs, and Getting older

Hi Been a while since we posted some updates but we’ve been really busy.

Firstly Best wishes on their birthdays to Jack and Keira one year older but they won’t catch the rest of us up.

We have finished off a couple of new songs which we aired at first at the The New Traveller’s Rest in Leeds and The Blues Bar in Harrogate last month,  we were really pleased with the audience reaction to them so click on the links  below to see them performed at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield. We shot a live video there and we will publish a few more individual songs later.

Blues Bar and the missing voice

Had a great gig at the Blues Bar Harrogate last night, really pleased at the reception our own songs got. Maybe we should write some more.

Keira lost her voice for the gig and sounded like a dogs squeaky toy. However to try and recover her voice for our next gig she can’t talk – things will be a little quieter in the camp then.

Just finished a major photo shoot, all over North Yorkshire plus live shots, we’ll publish some of them soon. Thanks to for dropping in.