A Busy Start to the new year.

What a roller-coaster start to the new year, we are on enforced leave for the for the next few weeks as Jack our Guitarist has been having heart surgery, happily everything has gone OK and we hope to be back in rehearsals mid February, with our first gig at the Yew Tree Halifax.

We haven’t been chilling during that time Jon Berry has been been collaborating with a good friend of his John O’Brien on writing some songs with a distinctly off-the-wall flavour. Check them out https://thecut.fm/berry-obrien.

Our rhythm section has been moonlighting and have been in the studio  with Keira’s other band, Syteria recording their first EP with Jackie Chambers from Girlschool on guitar and Julia Calvo on vocals, Mike laying down the drum tracks.

Mike and Keira in studio

Check them out at http://www.syteria.co.uk/ or https://www.facebook.com/syteriagirls


Last but not least, we are all saddened by the loss of Lemmy and David Bowie earlier this month our thought are with their families they will be greatly missed.